Russian stamps 10 kopecks imperforate, strip of five, largest multiple known. Ex Fabergé

Russian stamps 10 kopecks imperforate, strip of five, largest multiple known. Ex Fabergé


I have a strong interest in Russian philately since 1985. I come from a French family of dedicated collectors: my grandfather Gabriel Citerne was the founder and president of the French 'Cercle Philatélique France-URSS' (founded 1952) and honorable member of the ex-VOF.

I am member of the Rossica Society (USA) and of the British Society of Russian Philately (United Kingdom).

I work in the alternative medicine field and since 2010 I live in Germany with my wife, who is Belarussian.

My areas of interest are all Russian stamps and postal history before 1917,  nevertheless I am currently specializing in the following subjects:
          • Imperial stamps & postal history 1858-1875 (vast subject!),
          • Zemstvo in  general - stamps & postal history,
          • Zemstvo - Gadiach postage stamps

Oh, and since 2013 I also collect the stamps & postal history of the Indian Feudal States ("the Uglies"), with currently an emphasis on the states of Jammu & Kashmir, Bhor and Bhopal. Interestingly, those Indian states stamps share some similarities with the Zemstvos, so I feel at home  :-)

The main aim of this website is to give some entertaining information on Russian philately and to exchange with my fellow collectors and friends. As an active collector myself I am also regularly selling some stamps & covers on Ebay at the Filarossia store where you can find some nice material to complete your own collection.  Don't hesitate to have a look and save the store in your favorites. Please note that I am not a full-time professional dealer.

Please feel free to contact me for any question or comment. I will always be pleased to communicate with my readers and learn from them, as I see philately as a never-ending knowledge-based activity. And, last but certainly not least, I hope that you will enjoy this blog!

Maxime Citerne,
Frankfurt am Main.

This website is dedicated to the memory of my grandftaher, 
who transmitted his passion of Russian philately to me.

Gabriel Citerne (1901-1981) - Medal of resistance, Judge & Deputy
Founder & President of the Cercle Philatélique France URSS