Russian stamps 10 kopecks imperforate, strip of five, largest multiple known. Ex Fabergé

Russian stamps 10 kopecks imperforate, strip of five, largest multiple known. Ex Fabergé

February 15, 2014

Kelleher Specialized Zemstvo Sale

Last Wenesday Kelleher Auctions offered a single-owned Zemstvo holding from a New York collector. 186 lots covering a large spectrum of districts. The collection was not very strong on postal history, as only a small selection of covers or postal stationaries were offered, none of them being particularly of great interest. It appears that the collector focussed primarly on Russian Zemstvo stamps, and the quality was in general rather attractive and above the usual standard.

There were a few items of great interest: a beautiful copy of the provisional from Borovichy (hammer price 5500$ against an estimation of 1500-2000$), definitely rare in such quality (figure 1). Novaya Lagoda district was graced with a nice lot including the rare transfer bloc error from 1867  (lot 98, hammer price 5605$). Figure 2

 Figure 1 - Lot 25: Borovichi 1876, 3 kopek bronze on white paper. Mint large part OG.

Figure 2 - Lot 98: Novaya Ladoga 1867, including the rare transfer bloc error "25 in corner"

I have also noticed the rare and rather unknown revenue stamps from Simferopol: two attractive copies of these interesting issues (1878) that finally reached a hammer price of 443$ (lot 139). Figure 3

Figure 3 - Lot 139: Simferopol 1878, two fine copies of the Revenue Stamps.

The auctioneer broke down some districts by offering intact parts of the holding. That was the smartest thing to do, and as expected some of those lots went above their maximum estimation. Lot 46 was of particular interest to me: a nice section of Gadiach including a scarce selection of blocs (among them a very rare bloc of 6 of Schmidt 5 - possibly the second largest known). This lot was finally sold to yours truly (hammer price: 1600$ against an estimation of 1000-1500).

Overall, this sale was a nice experience and the Kelleher team was very reactive both in promoting the sale, and dealing with their communication with potential buyers. And it is always nice to see a constant flow of Russian stamps, and Zemstvo adhesives, coming to the market!


February 9, 2014

RSFSR 1917-1923: The Igor Gorski Collection

First of all an apology to the readers of this blog for a two months silence, but both professional and familial priorities have taken me away from the world of philately. I trust that I will be able to keep on posting regularly, at least to maintain a good level of entertainment for my collector friends.

Year 2014 starts with a splendid world level collection disposed at Cherrystone: the Igor Gorski collection of RSFSR.

I have been wandering through the superb catalogue, lavishly illustrated with top rarities, only to remember to myself how fascinating a well-researched and nicely mounted collection could be.

The Gorski RSFSR collection is an example of careful work. Probably a work of love. I cannot help but recommand to everyone to get your hands on the Cherrystone catalogue, which is bound to become a reference on that subject.

The collection is very, I mean VERY strong on essays and proofs, unadopted designs and color trials. Many of them had never been pictured in auction catalogues before. The definitive issues are presented litterally packed with all the varieties, shades and possible curiosities that add spicy to the philatelic meal. Did I mention some of the biggest multiples recorded as well?

Postal history is represented too, though in my personal taste at a slightly less interesting level than the stamps (no offense: we are already talking of very high level...). Overall, and as expected from such holding, quite a few items have been previously held by famous RSFSR collectors, namely Liphschutz and Shtern.

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