Russian stamps 10 kopecks imperforate, strip of five, largest multiple known. Ex Fabergé

Russian stamps 10 kopecks imperforate, strip of five, largest multiple known. Ex Fabergé

October 26, 2012

Moscow - One of the Rarest Cancellation

Lots of research have been made, and published, on the postal history of Saint Petersburg. It has always been a desired topic for collectors. 

But for some reasons Russian philately collectors have usually placed less emphasis on the other major city, Moscow. A famous researcher on the subject was Gary Combs, who specialized exclusively on Moscow and unfortunately passed away this year. Gary, who was a pure postal historian, published a lot of fascinating information based upon his collection and his research. Those who, like me, were fortunate to correspond with him will miss his pertinent emails and direct style.

Back to Moscow. This city has a fascinating history, reflected as a matter of fact in its postal system. Collecting Moscow postmarks and cancels can be a true and rewarding challenge. And just try to find a Napoleonic army letter sent when the French troops were occupying Moscow in 1812!

Moscow Mute Ring Cancel - 18 July 1900
Rare, very few covers recorded

The cover above is one of those hidden gems from Moscow. The enveloppe is a 7 kop. Postal Stationary sent from Moscow to Leipzig, uprated with 2+1kop. Arms stamps. It was dispatched on the 18th of July 1900. Nothing special until now, but just have a closer look at the cancellations:

The stamps are struck with the rare Moscow Mute Rings cancel, that was used only between 1900-1902 in a few postal sections of the city. Three types are recorded (G. Combs Types PS4-6) with slight differences between each others. This enveloppe bears the Four Rings Type (PS6).

Few information has been available regarding those Moscow Mute cancels. They have been used in 1900-1902, with the latest year of use being 1905. The surviving mail is very scarce, with (possibly?) less than 20 covers recorded all three types combined. Readers who possess such covers can contact me for the recording.

This rare item is in my stock and is available for sale or for exchange. Please contact me if you are interested. 

Maxime Citerne